UHEMU Women of Color Filmmakers

By Queen Mother Imakhu
Adriana and Delores Ehlers
Zora Neale Hurston, Filmmaker
Gabriela von Bussenius
Eslanda Robeson

Black and Brown women have been integral to the filmmaking art form since its dawning.


Names like Tressie Sounders, sisters Adriana and Delores Ehlers, Maria P. Williams, Eslanda Robeson, Zora Neale Hurston, Gabriela von Bussenius, and Drusilla Dunjee Houston should be known by all filmmakers. The roles these women played in creating cultural voices through cinema impacted today's Women of Color who are film directors, writers, producers, and actors. They boldly challenged a racist, patriarchal industry. Truly, because they were, we are.

UHEMU Women of Color Filmmakers are committed to carrying on the cinematic legacy of our Black and Brown foremothers in movie production. Apply to join the UHEMU Women of Color Filmmakers by filling out the form below. Membership is free until July 31, 2019. Annual membership is $10. Enjoy professional networking,

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