UHEMU members enjoy the benefits of camaraderie, mentorship, special discounts, heightened artistic visibility, business support, and professional contacts. Members are listed and linked on the promoted website Membership Directory. UHEMU members are referred to schools, organizers, organizations and events seeking professional Black and Latino cultural speakers, performers, and artists.



Membership is required to have a voting voice regarding UHEMU activities. UHEMU meetings are held monthly via phone/video, quarterly for physical/on site meetings (location TBD).

Membership annual dues is only $30, which defrays costs for web maintenance, publicity, and event related material. Members must submit all promotional materials (bios, photos, descriptions, memes/flyers, audio/video links) that are to be added to the UHEMU website at, or via the Facebook UHEMU inbox for download. Photos must be clear, info must be concise. Members are also responsible for submitting updated materials. Members must also agree to conduct themselves responsibly and professionally at UHEMU events and personal appearances. Anyone who is deemed unprofessional is removed by vote of UHEMU members. Illegal drugs at UHEMU events will not be tolerated. Members must also agree to treat fellow members with respect. Harassment will not be tolerated.

Any ideas, plans, activities, or intellectual property associated with UHEMU and its members are not to be replicated or stolen for use elsewhere, or for competition. Members must agree to confidentiality, trust, and discretion.

Broaden your influence. Become part of a group that advocates the healing of our people through cultural education and reclamation of self. Hone your professionalism. Expand your professional circles. Join UHEMU.


$30 Annual Membership 

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